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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gooey Ducks

Gooey Duck?!!
What's that?
Is it a Duck named Gooey?

Its named actually GEODUCK..
Means 'to dig deep'

Thanks to TOP CHEF MASTER for introducing me to this interesting creature..
I was sooo curious when then contestant are asked to cook the Geoduck..
So, after the show ended I google it and also watched the video on youtube..
Seriously, it is Weird but at the same time very interesting!!
I just neeeed to share this with all of u about this amazing creature..
They say it can live up to 140 years old..

The Chinese love Geoduck..
The Chinese also believes that geoduck is a Sexual Stimulant and it is included in various recipes like Sahshimi and Chinese Hot Pot.
But It is Very Expensive..

Million Dollar question, Would U like to try to eat Geoduck?!!

See you soon!!

Forgot to tell U, I PASSed my exams!!!
Now I'm in 3rd Year!!
But before that Cuti Sebulan dulu.. Hehehe..

Picture: Google

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