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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lailatun Nisa


Firstly I wanna wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslim in Malaysia that celebrate today...
In India, they celebrate one day later than Msia...
So, I'll be celebrating Raya tomorrow.. ^_^
Anyway, some of the programs or event for aidiladha has been done yesterday..

And just wanna tell u guys that I've entered Muslimah Pageant..
I did not Win though, =(
but I'm still having Fun doing it.. =)
I did my own make up!! (Thank U Michelle Phan!! Ur videos really helped me a lot... hehe..)
Wanna see?

The shawl that I'm wearing is called Loose Shawl 
(Thank u InTrend Magazine!) 
and I accessorized the maxi dress with gold bracelets and gold clutch..

U know that I did not Win but I'm still happy because I got to spend time with my good friend shopping for the right accessories, Brainstorming the Ideas (Forgot to tell u our inspiration is from Greecian Goddess with our very own twist), Getting ready ( make up n everything..)
Thanks Mina! I love spending time with u.. ^_^

Special thanks to My housemate, Mier for helping me wearing the shawl..

At first I was nervous to enter it but after thinking back I always back out from any competition like this because I'm to scare and nervous..
Chance doesn't comes so often, 
so I decided to go on with it..
I need to be more confident with myself..
After all what will I lose?
I didn't lose anything but only gain more wonderful memories while I'm studying in India and also Self Confident!...

Beside walking and posing, the contestants also need to answer one question.
The question that I got is " As a Doctor would u prefer to do houseman in Sabah/Sarawak or Semenanjung Malaysia?" 
I think the question is quite okay and I can answer it very well (I think?!)
But overall, My Friends said that I was Great!! So I'm quite pleased with myself.. =D


Other competitions that being held are Nasyid and Gubahan Bunga (Flower arrangement)..
Just quick show-out to my friend Liza "Congratulation for winning Gubahan Bunga!!"
1st Prize!!

These are some of the photos during the event..

Few days ago, I discovered a singer named Mindy Gledhill..
Her voice is so soft and her songs are so meaningful..
I'm so addicted with her songs especially All About Your heart...
Gtg, see u in my next post numbered 102..
can't believe it already 100+ post..
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Make Gummy Candy at Home - グミランド


I Wish in Msia we have something like this.. ^_^
If we have, everyday I can make my own Candy!! 
Its Super Duper Easy!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No place like Malaysia

This Morning while waiting for Doctor during my eye appoinment, I've got an idea what should I write for my blog.
Then, when I wanna start writing I dunno what I should start with..
All the Ideas of Introduction about what I do during the Holiday seem so lame..
What should I start with?
I think I should just go straight to the point...

When you study or work at other country, you started to appreciate and miss ur country sooo much!!...
Don't get me wrong I do love Malaysia very much,
Its just that sometimes we forgot to appreciate what in front of us..
After not going back for about 8 months, 
going back to Malaysia was such a joy and relief..
My brain also started to enjoy the vacation after one months of examination..
U have no ideas how tired and exhausted it is!!

And I traveled back to Malaysia using Malaysian Airlines (MAS)
So proud to be Malaysia for having such wonderful Airlines!!
The staffs were friendly.. and Good Looking too!! =D hahaha..

 At the Bengaluru International Airport..
What Can I say, I'm Overexcited to go home!!

U might asked what I did during the holidays?
Well like other normal young adults do..
Hanging out, watch movies n etc etc..

Well, beside that I did go to AQUARIA KLCC...
Last time I went there was 5 or 6 years ago, I think... 
Anywhere, I love Aquaria!!!
If u An Animal Lover U obviously will LOVE Aquaria!!
They not only have aquatic animals but they also have reptiles and other species..
I love watching they feed the animals especially when they feed the Sand Tiger Shark, Giant Blotched Fantail Ray named Khudsiah and the turtles..
(p/s: So Sorry about the pictures, If u wanna see Right hand click and Click Open Link in New Tab or Just DOUBLE CLICK on the picture)
These pictures worth of seeing...
These sea creatures are soooo amazing..
p/s: Pictures copyright of www.aqilahch4pt3r.blogspot.com


The Otter and Water Rat  (below) are also cute..
Look Its Sand Tiger Shark passing behind me!
(behind the scene: Hurry up angah!!!, take my picture before it went away…!!!)

The Best Part to me beside feeding time is touching the Starfish and Bamboo shark!
Its sooo cool!!
Rarely we got a chance to touch amazing creature like Starfish (or my sister called Patrick.. Hahaha..)


I’m touching the Bamboo Shark!!...





These small creatures are Garden Eel..
Its sooo tiny…,
 It keeps going inside and out of the sand

Look, my sister with the Seahorse..









 Amazing Creature isn’t it?

Another Sand Tiger Shark!







 If u couldn’t see clearly beside me its Mr. Crocodile..


Aquaria KLCC is totally a place u should visit if u r not from Malaysia!!!..
(Even if u r Malaysian, u should also go there!!)

Fees: RM 35 (if u bring Student Card, u only have to pay RM 30)
So, Dun forget to bring ur Student Card!! 
(I'm not sure if it is applicable only for Malaysian or not?!!)

Then, when u finished visiting Aquaria KLCC, 
u can also enjoy the view of KLCC at night..
I feel so calm and happy enjoying the view of KLCC every night because its like a mark that I'm at Home..
I 'heart' Kuala Lumpur

Then, there's also wedding of my relatives..
This is us outside the wedding venues on our back home..

Of course my holiday would not be complete without hanging out with my Awesome Besties!!!
I love My Besties!!!

 Its US against the World..

Medic Student + Spectacles = GEEK???!!
 Geek Alert!!!

I'm having an amazing and enjoyable time,
I love spending times with my family and friends..
Anyway, Fun Over and now Start a New SEM..
Need to focus and Study Hard!!!..